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When you’re in a room with your teammates brainstorming about your latest video campaign, everyone has an opinion.

Some people think you should use this picture and others think you should use the other one.

Some people think you should use the larger fonts and others think you should go with the smaller ones. Do you  still need a reason why do you need to test?  Testing is the only way to know who’s right.

Often, when you’re coming up with an initial idea, you have to just choose one option or another based on the best information you have available, and then move forward.

Then, as soon as possible, you need to test because you never know how your video will actually perform.

Get the maximum out from a creative idea

You probably consume a lot of time and money trying to advertising your brand, and you don’t take this responsibility lightly. Before investing in a new campaign, you want to know if it helps your brand. You need a reliable and consistent system for evaluating and improving your ad.

The guys at Spot Trender have worked hard to develop SNAP ™, a test solution that can predict advertisement’s  performance and provide clear insights for improvements. Whether it is a single commercial or an entire campaign,  Snap  can help.

Spot Trender Snap enables anyone to experience professional video testing methodologies.  The service  offers the fastest ad pre-testing for TV, Online, and Radio commercials.

Imagine testing a rough cut, storyboard or final versions of your video and run it on Spot Trender in the morning, then receive  results by the end of your work day.


SNAP main facts:


  • Easy setup using expertly-designed surveys to test the ads.


  • Reach out to millions of highly targeted participants nearby or around the world.
  • Work less, produce more results with automated survey analysis.
  • Use Spot Trender for free when you recruit you own panel through email list or social media.


  • Learn how your audience feels about your video to the second with Reaction Graphs.
  • Compare your video against your competition discretely.
  • World-class automated reporting used by Fortune 100 brands to help you make sense of your data.

To find out more, visit Spot Trender.

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