How Entertainment Studio Networks uses Spot Trender to understand their audience

According to Media Village, Entertainment Studios had been ramping up programming and distribution with brands like Justice Central.TV, Comedy.TV and Recipe.TV. While Entertainment Studios’ networks are Nielsen rated, they used Spot Trender to gain a deeper understanding of the audience:

Though Entertainment Studios Networks are Nielsen rated, Kelly and Arouh wanted to delve deeper into the psychography of their audiences. So they partnered with ad research firm Spot Trender to get a clearer picture.
It’s quite a rosy one, turns out: The Spot Trender report showed that the Entertainment Studios Networks’ audience is chock-full of homeowners and married couples with children, who have a positive financial outlook. “They’re college-educated, early-adopters, and they don’t mind paying more for a premium brand that is associated with a cause they believe in,” Kelly adds.

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