How To Test Your Digital Creative Quickly, On Budget.

You are creating the latest spot for your company’s new digital ad campaign. You have many questions about the ad – are the actors relatable to audience? Is the music appropriate? Would this concept offend anyone? You’d like to test your concepts – but you couldn’t because traditionally concept testing takes weeks, and it costs tens of thousands of dollars. You end up having to go with your gut.
Due to the lack of rapid, affordable testing methodologies – many advertisers end up creating ads that flopped. Worse, some of their ads accidentally offended their target audiences, creating a viral PR nightmare that costs their company millions in sales and tremendous amount of public good will.

You don’t have to settle for your gut anymore. With Spot Trender, you can now test your ads in days instead of weeks, and save up to 70% compared to other video testing alternatives.

You can use Spot Trender to refine your ads, pick relevant actors, learn from the best spots in your industry, and so much more. Below are some examples:

Refine your message

Pick the best actors before production

Avoid costly PR nightmares

Are you working on a spot, and curious how people would react to your ad? Your current running spot didn’t perform as you expected? Contact Spot Trender – we would be happy to help taking your spots to the next level. Give us a call: 408-412-9440 or email us.

Article I wrote, originally seen on Spot Trender.

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