Rick Nguyen Interview with Advertising Age on Dove Care #RealStrength

Last year Spot Trender, a research company used by brands and agencies to pre-test ads, helped us see how viewers reacted to big Super Bowl commercials second-by-second. This year it’s back on the case, starting with one of the first 2015 Super Bowl ads to be pre-released: Dove Men+Care’s ode to fatherhood, which scored one of the “most consistent positive reaction graphs” Spot Trender has seen, with “negligible negative reaction.”


“Instead of using testosterone-driven, hyper masculine image to sell products, #RealStrength cleverly and successfully uses the strong, caring, masculine image of the father, the protector to drive home the message: “Care makes a man stronger,” said Rick Nguyen, co-founder of Spot Trender, an in email.

“While the product is for men, women like the spot significantly more than men,” he added. “When asked if they liked the ad, a whooping 94% of female participants said they ‘very much liked’ or ‘somewhat liked’ the ad, compared to 83% of male participants.”

See full article on Ad Age: http://adage.com/article/special-report-super-bowl/reaction-dove-men-care-super-bowl-ad/296844/

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