Spot Trender – Commercial Pre-Testing On Steroids via StartupCatchup


So what have Spot Trender been up to? Well, did you check out the CNN Republican Debate on November 15th? If you did, you would have seen that Netflix aired a mock political ad of the famous Frank Underwood of House of Cards. With over 5,000 retweets within minutes of airing, it’s safe to say it was a real success and Frank’s still got it! But Spot Trender, being one of the most innovative companies in the market research industry today, took this genius joke even further by testing how the mock ad of Frank Underwood stacked up against ‘rivals’ Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. Why did they do it? Well, as Rick Nguyen, co-founder of Spot Trender put it, “I was watching the GOP Debate and saw the Underwood ad and loved it. Then I was curious how the mock ad would perform against Bush and Rubio’s. So we did it!”

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