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What is Spot Trender? It is a company where you can pretest your ads. This company is specialized on pretesting tv, radio, and online commercial. This market research platform will provide you real data on what people like and dislike from your ads. This company gathers the data based on a survey. All you need to do is send your videos and goals of your ads to this company. And this platform will create a survey for your purpose. It also offers you with easy tools to create a survey step by step.

You will get benefits from pretesting your ads on this market research platform. This platform has 45 million of members across the world. With such a large number of participants, you will get the data you need very fast once the survey is created. You do not need to wait for weeks. You can gain your data in a few days and even hours. Therefore, you can make decision in editing the rough cut of your ads.

Another advantage that you will get from this platform is that it is affordable. You can even purchase for free participants while the offer lasts. You can also choose another package. This company offers you with $5 price per survey participant. In this package, you will get useful features such as analytics dashboard, easy to use survey maker, report generator, and customer supports. By purchasing this package, you do not need to burden yourself in finding audiences for your survey.

This company is full with excellent staffs and data scientists. They have years of experience in reporting data and making data analysis. Therefore, you are guaranteed to get high quality and accurate data. From the report and analysis, you will then be able to make the right decision to make your better ads to improve your ROI.

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