Spot Trender – faster, better, easier ad/video content testing for everyone.

Problem: Getting reads on video commercials takes 3-8 weeks. That’s too long. Moreover, testing ads is expensive, therefore only large enterprises can afford to test their commercials before launch.


Spot Trender is a powerful cloud-based platform for dynamic pre-testing of commercials to help you make faster insight-driven advertising decisions from concept to post-production creative.

Spot Trender is 90% faster than the competition and accurately predicts your ad performance in as soon as 3 hours instead of 3+ weeks. Our world-class data scientists and advertising veterans combined with an advanced analytics engine gives you the time and data-driven insights to dramatically improve your ad campaign performance before running them.

Our crowdsourced platform seamlessly connects you with more than 45+ million qualified participants worldwide. Allowing you to automatically measure real-world customer responses and reactions to each ad spot as well as it’s impact on sales and brand awareness.

We’ve developed an impressive track-record as the leading Commercial Pre-Testing and Analytics platform trusted by the world’s leading brands and agencies. Some of our clients include Intuit, Legal Zoom and AT&T.
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