About Rick Nguyen

Driving Impactful AI Solutions for Real-World Challenges

Early life and education

Rick Nguyen’s journey as a first-generation Vietnamese-American entrepreneur demonstrates a commitment to leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced technologies to build products that address real-world problems. Rick’s education in cognitive science at the University of California, Berkeley, coupled with his passion for business, politics, and military science, has laid the foundation for his work in AI and advertising technology.

While in college, he pursued an interdisciplinary education, taking courses in advanced leadership, probability statistics, and advertising. His involvement in extracurricular activities, such as Army ROTC, Toastmasters, and the Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity, allowed him to develop strong leadership and problem-solving skills.

Tech Startups & Investments

Post-graduation, Rick holds various positions to develop sales & marketing competencies, including Director of Marketing for Thien Anh Corp / Le’s mart Supermarket and Director of Business Development at Specialdeals.com. Eventually, he co-founded QR Pitch Inc., which later became Spot Trender.

Under Rick’s guidance, Spot Trender employed machine learning (ML) and AI techniques to analyze real-time data and assess commercials. This approach enabled the company to deliver valuable insights to clients, empowering them to optimize their advertising strategies. At Spot Trender, Rick has successfully assisted over a hundred companies, ranging from emerging startups to established Fortune 500 firms, in deriving actionable insights from their data.


Beyond the realm of advertising technilogy, Rick Nguyen is deeply invested in utilizing AI and advanced technologies to address pressing global issues, such as accelerating the rate of adaptation to climate change. His focus on water, air, and living space demonstrates a dedication to developing innovative and scalable AI-driven solutions that can make a tangible difference.

Besides leading Spot Trender, he serves on the boards of several tech startups and non-profit organizations. His involvement in these ventures underscores his commitment to the practical application of advanced technologies to create a meaningful, measurable impact across multiple sectors.

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