Spot Trender featured on the Huffington Post

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Recently, the Huffington Post featured Spot Trender’s data on the Super Bowl.

From article:

Spot Trender, an industry leader in cloud-based ad-testing technology, recently announced the results of their third annual Super Bowl Ad Performance Test. Conducted for Super Bowl 50, Spot Trender’s test examined themes relating to sexuality and gender roles. On February 4, Spot Trender conducted a scientific poll with 1301 participants in a national representative sample. Each participant saw one commercial and completed an online questionnaire through Spot Trender’s platform.

While advertisers have expressed some of their best ideas to capture your attention, I’m almost certain that women will continue to notice more than a few ads that portray a gender role reversal. However, when in doubt, we can always turn to the raw hard data to back up this theory.

The journey from startup to Spot Trender being called a leader in advertising tech by major media sources like the Huffington Post isn’t easy. Check out my story here.

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